Posted by: brambledoula | November 13, 2007


I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more yarn until I finished several UFO’s. On top of that, I even more so can’t justify buying fancy expensive yarn when I still have birth kit and baby supplies to finish up (not to mention an iguana in need of a new habitat). But..But…But…wouldn’t THIS be truly awesome for the Nordic Lights Socks?? Wahhh!!! ME Wantee!! (I bet I could even make a matching hat or something too, it’s a lot of yarn….::sigh::)



  1. Well, can you knit the iguana a new habitat with the UFO’s? Two birds with one stone!

    I made the mistake of visiting Hancock fabrics with a coupon last week, even though I have FOUR UFO’s myself.

  2. Hmm a knitted iguana house…that would take an obscene amount of yarn lol i could at least knit him a hammock tho? 🙂

    Mmm fabric coupon…

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