Posted by: brambledoula | November 13, 2007


My son seems to have regressed seriously in his allergies. I know that once something puts you in an allergic state it can cause other allergies to develop or worsen as well.  I know some of his stuff got washed in fabric softener when some relatives were here, and also he accidentally got some gluten contamination, the combo may have been enough to bring him back down. He has been seriously regressing and I am so sad and frustrated for him. He had been fine around dogs and was able to consume goat dairy products and now both are causing him reactions again. In addition to that his eczema is back full blast. I went to get him some benadryl only to find that the stuff I had on hand has soy protein in it. Why would you put something so highly allergenic in a freaking allergy medication?? The only thing that’s ever really helped was about 2 years ago we went through a round of homeopathic treatment that got him past the dog and goat milk issue. We’re going to try it again since it had no side effects and worked for nearly 2 years. Worth a shot. Outside of that I’m at my wits end. A few people have recommended NAET treatments, but those I know personally who’ve tried it only got short term results. I’d just like to get back to the relative normal balanced state we had finally reached, especially with the holidays and baby coming.

I’m also wondering if there isn’t just something in the air. (Despite the fact we have a high end air purifier.) My own eyes are sore and several of my friends (spread across the country so it’s nothing immediately contagious unless it is just in the air…) have been coming down with rashes, hives, sinus issues, near life threatening anaphylactic reactions, with no findable cause. What in the world is going on?




  1. I don’t know if it’s something that you agree with or not, but have you guys done allergy shots? (I don’t even know if your son is old enough). I have been doing allergy shots for over 3 years and it’s made huge improvements. Just a thought!

  2. Except for possibly the dog issue, it’s not the same sort of allergy. Allergy shots don’t work for food allergies.

  3. I totally understand. My gripe is that we can’t have any food colorings. Have you ever tried to medicate a child without food colorings? It’s not like it tastes any better for being bright pink. And why do they put it in the strips, my current medicine delivery system of choice? What purpose does it possibly serve?

  4. And it’s all red food coloring too which is the grand daddy of all evil. So frustrating!!! I know the claritin is color free, and there is now a liquid benadryl that is color free, but i also prefer the strips when possible.

  5. Ahhh yes, food allergies. Ouchie. I was just thinking if animal dander and the other usual assortments of pollen, mold and dust were part of the problem shots could probably help, but food allergies I don’t know a whole lot on. Good luck with that!

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