Posted by: brambledoula | November 9, 2007


I just got notice that my ten year high school reunion was canceled due to lack of interest. Not that I was planning on going anyhow mind you, I’ll be about 35 weeks pregnant and so not interested in driving the 26 hours to upstate NY from here. Still it kinda ticks me off because it’s typical for my class and one of the other many reasons I didn’t want to go anyhow. They just don’t care. We had to borrow money from the class behind us to pay for our senior prom because we did no fundraising for ours and the tickets were still like $75 a pop. I just wonder if all that apathy extends into the rest of their lives, or like me, they just didn’t really see that much importance to high school in general. Still it’s weird, to think that one of those milestones a lot of people look forward to (or dread), mine has been canceled like a bad sitcom.


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