Posted by: brambledoula | November 9, 2007

Anyone watch Grey’s Anatomy?

Is it just me or is anyone else waiting for Callie to off herself? Lost her husband, lost her job, no one really likes her. It’s coming isn’t it?



  1. Agggh! Just read your blog through your comment on mine and Ive not watched this weeks episode yet as its still downloading! lol.
    I watch it though and am addicted.
    The one that bugs me more than Calie hanging around is the whole Meridith and Dereck thing! Just either move on or break up! Are the writers really struggling so much over storylines that they have to keep dragging this up?????

  2. Yes I think Derek’s being astoundingly patient/stupid with her. I know he loves her and stuff but she really is a nut case, and if she wanted him she’d marry him already. Part of me wonders if they’re going to drag it on forever and make that the series finale.

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