Posted by: brambledoula | November 7, 2007

Cravings and gender prediction

I’ve had a few hits for this lately and think it’s an interesting subject. The sad side of it is I think it’s just another one of those old wives tales for the fun of trying to guess! Being only able to speak for myself here have been my most common cravings with each, all boys:


Lemonade (the good sour kind made with real lemons and the sugar still crunchy at the bottom)

Olive Oil



Red Meat in great quantities, rare as possible






Not much of a common thread there eh?



  1. OMG! LAughing. Your number 1 clue for me is Lemonade. I absolutely LOVE LEMONADE Since I got pregnant…LAUGHING…… I have to have lemonade everyday or my day is just ruined. Laughing… Also Pretzels the Dough kind. One day I drove 15 mins away to get one from the mall and they didnt have any at all. something was wrong with the ovens. They put a sign out.. I was just heart broken… LAughing. Too Funny

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