Posted by: brambledoula | November 6, 2007

Doula Bag Supplies

I’ve gotten a few searches for doula bag supplies lately, I thought I would share a list of what I keep in my bag that actually gets used:


Various homeopathics for slow labor

Aromatherapy oils (I use peppermint, lavender, and clary sage the most)

Pocket reflexology chart

Massage balls


3×5 cards with aromatherapy mixes, homeopathy, mudras for labor, labor positions, affirmations, etc

honey sticks and high protein snack bars

emergen ‘c drink packets

bottled water

toothbrush, toothpaste, maxi pads, lip balm, q tips

various stones purported to have healing properties for birth (unakite and amber are good ones to have)

emergency childbirth kit (never know when you’ll have a mom go fast!)

newborn scale (good for post partum visits if mom is worried about baby’s weight gain)

peppermint foot lotion, and various massage and carrier oils

birth ball

soon to pack a whisper wear breast pump

herbal tinctures

notebook and pen

business cards

prolonged labor hand book

2 small plastic combs

rice pack

samples for mom (burts bees lotion, soap, mother’s milk tea, rrl tea, compleat mother magazine back issues)

book or knitting for if mom is sleeping

rescue remedy




  1. Ooh, come to my house next time I have a baby! lol

    About the RRL tea – this last baby (#7) was the first time I really used it. I also did the Blue Ribbon Baby diet. It was the FIRST pregnancy that I was not anemic. I also did not have my usual preterm labor probs either!

    Been thinking about getting some rescue remedy, can you tell me your ‘real life’ experience with it (Bach’s Rescue Remedy?)

  2. I’ll be available to doula homebirths around march and all other deliveries after june 2008, i’d be happy to work with you đŸ™‚ I feel 100% the nutrition is the solution to nearly every pregnancy problem. I had horrible pre-ecclampsia with my first and I firmly believe it’s because I bought into the whole “eating for two” concept and lived off of crud for 9 months.

    As for rescue remedy I’ve actually used it more for calming down panicky dads than on the moms, though I have heard of midwives using it on slow to start babies. I keep the spray in my car for panic attacks (I am bridge-phobic, smart choice to live in Charleston huh?). I think the only mom I’ve used it on was one who had a bad post partum hemmorhage. It didn’t stop the bleed (it’s not really designed to), but I think it helped her to not panic and clear her head so she could make necessary choices with her health care team.

  3. Well,l I was thinking of using it for my son who is neuro atypical and has anxiety issues.

  4. Worth a shot, it may be worth while for you to look into specific flower remedies as well, I know some people have a lot of luck with them.
    This book here is a good place to get started-

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