Posted by: brambledoula | November 2, 2007


I admit I am horribly behind on photo taking, I need ot figure out flickr so I can get to loading stuff onto ravelry. Until then here is:

What I have on needles:

crocheted baby sleep gown

crocheted wool soaker

knitted peruvian hat

crochet hat with horns


split crotch longies

fingerless gloves which i think will be frogged

shawl that i started years ago and will probably be abandoned cuz it’s ugly and was just an exercise in using novelty yarns

Projects I want to do:

baby sweater and hat from One Skein

another pair of split crotch longies

at least one more wool soaker

these pants

this hat

edit: oh and I forgot, if I’m ever feeling insanely brave: the Tangled Yoke Cardigan

Yarns burning a hole in my needles:

cascade eco

my own home spun brown chunky two ply peruvian baby cashmere- 3 50g balls in pewter classic elite beatrice in sugar maple– 2 50g balls

3 balls of long since lost label sock yarn, two matching balls in a blue faux isle and one self striping ball that supposedly only takes one ball for the pattern with it (i think it’s some kind of sockotta)

a huge bag of purple hand dyed (not by me) wool

a hank of hand spun (also not by me) creamy white natural with lanolin worsted weight wool (i’m thinking soaker)

a skein of white fishermans wool

Burning a hole in my spindle:

just shy of a pound of mahogany wool roving


for ds1, he wants to learn to spin so a small spindle kit

for me: this pretty grey wool

and filed in the “pipe dream” category:

Harmony wood interchangeable needle set

Ashford traditional wheel

and a german angora rabbit 🙂


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