Posted by: brambledoula | October 28, 2007

I’m Back!

The good news- I got to spend a whole entire morning in a yarn store, knitting, feeling yarn, perusing patterns. I came away with some gorgeous yarns including some Lang Mille Colori and some Cascade Eco wool. And I got great prices for them compared to what I’ve seen online and I don’t feel a single ounce guilty. The Lang is getting worked up into Edgar and this pattern is so easy I swear it practically knits itself in this yarn. Gauge is a little smaller so expect a slightly narrower scarf unless you go up in needles. Pictures to come soon. For the wool I bought a great little book on one skein patterns and have plans for a matching baby sweater, hat, and pants. With 478 yards I’ll probably have enough for a scarf for me and maybe even a hat and/or gloves. I’m super excited. If you happen to be in Pinveville, NC check out the yarn shop on main street in their adorable store. Very friendly, helpful polite staff, lots of yarns and space to sit and knit and chat.

In even better news, my house is my own again and DH has the boys and I’m on my way to see the Business of Being Born. Reviews to come.


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