Posted by: brambledoula | October 22, 2007

Why won’t they answer the question?

While I remain on the fence about vaccinations, I have one major frustration: If one child is not vaccinated, how can they cause a group of vaccinated children to have an outbreak, if the vaccines are working? I have seen now doctor after doctor avoiding answering this question. Case in point, a recent Today Show clip, the interviewer asked, what’s the risk to the vaccinated kids, the doctor squirmed around the question, avoiding what I suspect and worry about- the vaccines don’t work. Religious exemption or not, I want to know why should I pump my children full of toxic chemicals, if there will be no benefit from doing so. I would love to see an answer from a physician- will a vaccine guarantee immunity when properly administered? If one unvaccinated child catches measles, what then makes them a risk to a room of 12 vaccinated children? If the vaccines work there should be no issue right? The doctor in this interview said that she chose to vaccinate her baby before traveling to places where disease may be rampant. Well for one, babies don’t get their MMR until age 18 months so her two month old wouldn’t be protected from measles. For next, how is traveling to a place with diseases any different than sitting next to someone unvaccinated? If exposure to the disease is all it takes for a vaccinated person to get sick, what good did the vaccine do? I want to know.



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