Posted by: brambledoula | October 18, 2007

Colbert for President?!?!

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Stewart/Colbert 08” on it and sat there in traffic thinking about it. Thinking that it would be funny, but who would take them seriously? But then Ronald Reagan was a TV star to start out with. Didn’t he do some show with a monkey? I find it ironic as well that the sticker actually has Stewart first, maybe it will wind up the other way around? I do have to say, I don’t like Hillary. Has nothing to do with her being a woman, I consider myself a feminist and would LOVE a woman president. Only if she’ll be a good president tho, like any other candidate. I don’t really care if it’s a purple eunuch so long as they’ll do that job. She’s against homeschooling and home birthing which are two pretty integral parts of my life. Also if you’ve ever been “lucky” enough to have a taste of universal health care say, via the military, you’ll know that just because it’s “free” doesn’t mean you’re not paying for it with lack of quality and choice.  Bleh. So who are our other choices? Obama, who I seem to be hearing increasingly less and less about. And then Colbert, who no one even seems to know which ticket he’ll decide to run on. Will he actually take a serious stand on issues? And which issues? Or will it be what it looks like: a mockery of the whole darn thing.  One thing I can say, is no one can truly take the system seriously anymore if he runs, and more-so if he wins. It truly will have become a popularity contest.


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