Posted by: brambledoula | October 16, 2007

Face Painting for Charity

I’m a little behind on my posting. Ds1 is sick now so I’ve been occupied with him.  Sunday afternoon though, we were all well and invited to face paint for a local neighborhood party behind Earth Fare. We opted to donate all proceeds to a local charity- The Good Neighbor, which is a shelter for homeless women and their children.  Children mobbed our table to get their faces painted, and we raised over $85 for the charity, which will go to providing a meal for the moms at the shelter. The boys had a blast as well, tho ds1 got a little too excited on the jump castle and promptly sent his dinner on a one way mission back into the world.  (This happens every time he goes on a jump castle, I guess we’ve finally learned our lesson on that one…) I am glad for the many opportunities I and my boys have to help better our community.



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