Posted by: brambledoula | October 13, 2007

Induction and your rights

When it comes to induction, and any other treatments, you have the right to refuse treatment. Unfortunately your doctor also has the right to drop you as a patient, and your insurance company has the right not to cover you if you sign against something AMA (against medical advice). Think about it this way however, do you really want a doctor in the first place who is not going to respect your wishes? Even if they’re a “really good doctor” if they don’t agree with your beliefs and wishes to avoid procedures that may not be medically necessary, then they aren’t a really good doctor for you. You have the right to change practitioners at any time, pretty much until your baby’s head is crowning and even then you may have some leeway. If there’s something in the air and it doesn’t smell good, go somewhere a little fresher.  Don’t be bullied for the sake of someone else’s convenience. You are a grown woman, about to be a mother, start mothering that baby from the beginning. If you don’t want to do something with a high risk level, listen to those instincts; you are your child’s only advocate.


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