Posted by: brambledoula | October 13, 2007


I bought 4 gallons of fresh creamy yummy raw goats milk yesterday. DS1 is allergic to everything. Lately he’s been able to tolerate drinking goat’s milk, so I picked some up from a wonderful local farm. (I was thrilled now that I’ve got a deep freezer I had somewhere to put it!) Well after a day of sampling cheese and milk his little face swelled up and his nose is all runny and he’s cranky. ::sigh:: I’m hoping that maybe someone dipped a cracker in his cheese and that this is just a gluten reaction but I don’t think so. Even worse if it’s a combination of things. So, now I’ve got gallons of milk to drink. Not a terrible thing since I do like fresh goat milk myself, and perhaps I’ll make some cheese but I’m sad that he was excited for having some milk to drink, and I was excited for being able to make gravy and casseroles, and we’re back to where we started. So frustrating.


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