Posted by: brambledoula | October 10, 2007

The Business of Being Born

Come see it!!

Did you know that maternal and infant mortality are on the rise in this country? We have record high rates of induction and cesarean sections, yet all those interventions are NOT improving outcomes. Please join us for the ONLY screening in South Carolina of Ricki Lake’s documentary, The Business of Being Born, followed by a community conversation. If you care about the health of women and children, you need to see this film!

Can you attend this event? Respond Here

Sneak Preview: The Business of Being Born

October 28, 2007

2:30 pm ET – 5:00 pm ET

N. Charleston Cultural & Civic Center Complex
1530 7th St.
(Fmr Navy Base – 2 blocks from McMillan Ave. entrance)
N. Charleston, SC 29405

Hosted By ICAN of Charleston
ICAN of Charleston is a mother-to-mother support group and all-volunteer nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by:

(1) preventing unnecessary cesareans through education,

(2) providing support for cesarean recovery, and

(3) promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

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  1. Thanks, Lynn, for helping us get the word out about this important film! Hope you are gestating in peace. Would love to see you tonight at the Oct. ICAN meeting. I’ll bring the CD from Dr. Landon’s VBAC talk in Syracuse. Take care, Sally

  2. […] addition to coming to the big upcoming event, The Business of Being Born, there is a local ICAN chapter here that meets the second Thursday of every month at James Family […]

  3. I read somewhere that there is a ban on VBACs with a certified midwife in Charleston/SC. Is that still the case? I am previous cesarean section and would prefer to take a less intrusive, less painful, less complicated and less disappointing approach to the birth of this next baby, due in July 2008. What are my options for SC? Thanks.

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes unfortunately if you want a home birth with a licensed midwife there is currently a ban on it. You may still call around and see if one will do it under the table, or call out of state midwives. There is a birth center opening that wants to take VBAC moms but is unable to but you may want to keep in touch with them, you’re due so far out that one hopes their policy will be able to change by then! Otherwise your choices are to have an unassisted birth or to use a hospital. I personally believe in UC but your health or beliefs may dictate otherwise. There are doctors locally that will attend VBACs, especially if you’ve only had one cesarean or if you’ve had a vaginal birth before as well, so do call around, do your research, hire a doula, and ask lots of questions. Join the local ICAN group, or visit the national website- they have lots of great info that can help you as well.

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