Posted by: brambledoula | October 5, 2007


Repeat after me: skipping meals when 7 months pregnant is STOO-PID!!!

Even stupider: skipping breakfast and then going on a tour of a reptile facility that is kept at balmy high temperatures for the comfort of the reptiles but not so much the humans. And then, instead of getting something to eat, going to the book store and craft store first.

Ever see a craft store turn sideways? I have.

Now I know, intellectually, that skipping meals while pregnant is stupid. If any of you were my clients and skipped a meal, I would call you on it and say, hey, that’s stupid. But, doctors and nurses are often ill, plumbers often have leaky pipes, carpenters have creaky stairs, and well I got too busy to remember breakfast.

But still. Duh.

Screwed me up for the whole rest of the day.


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