Posted by: brambledoula | October 4, 2007

Baby don’t do parlor tricks

I don’t get it. I’m into my third trimester now, and DH has yet to feel this baby move. Early on I didn’t really bother to tell him because I didn’t think he was terribly excited bout this baby, in all honesty. But lately he’s been finding excuses to pat my belly, and even feeling around when he thinks I’m asleep (did I mention I’m a light sleeper?).  So, in hopes he wants to bond I’ve tried to point out to him times when baby is moving. There are even times when you can physically SEE my stomach move, like something out of a sci-fi alien movie. The second his hand gets on my belly, boom, nothing. All stop. Even the hiccups somehow magically under control. I’m hoping that maybe this is a sign that earthside daddy will have a calming effect on little boy. In the meanwhile it’s problematic because the interest he was starting to show is now just fading into sullen frustration. I would love him to be more excited about this child. Just one good kick little boy please?



  1. I read about something you can do to encourage movement – eat high energy foods and then just lay down. The combination of the sugar burst and your inactivity may get the baby moving, and if Dad’s around, maybe you can convince him to lay with his arm across your belly for the next 3/4 of an hour or so. He should feel something!

  2. well the thing is, baby MOVES, and moves all the time, he could be tap dancing in there and the second daddy puts a hand to belly he stops cold, it’s the weirdest thing. He’s gotten to feel him maybe twice now almost by accident.

  3. i am almost 30 weeks and my baby girl is very active i feel her kicking and moving all the time as soon as my partner touches my belly she stops its so weird and i cant explain it and then he will move his hand and il put mine back there and she starts doing it again they say babys like there mothers touch that is so true.

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