Posted by: brambledoula | October 1, 2007

Pregnancy Pains

I need to finally stop saying “I need to get to the chiropractor” and actually GO to the chiropractor. I was rolling over the other night and literally felt my pelvic bones shift apart. Yikes. It still hurts to walk. For those who can’t picture this, imagine your pelvis has two halves, the back of these halves meet at your sacrum, and the front halves meet eachother in your pubic area. As I rolled over they probably shifted a good 1/4 inch up/down from eachother. Doesn’t sound very far but it still didn’t feel good.

Right now his little head is wedged firmly into my left hip (which is roughly where both my other boys stayed until I hit about 8 1/2 months), and his butt is up under my ribs. He delights in trying to push off of one end and bounce off the other.

It’s ironic but the initials SPD continue to describe problems with my family. My son has Sensory Processing Disorder, and now it seems I have Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction. (It also apparently refers to a branch of the Power Rangers…)

My last son was born posterior, which I imagine didn’t help all my poor little ligaments down there.

Off to bind a rebozo around my hips and call the chiro



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  2. Just passing by and wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy! =)

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