Posted by: brambledoula | September 29, 2007

Projects galore

So nesting in even fuller swing, I’m making myself and apron, and decided to make Halloween costumes for the boys as well. The boys’ costumes will be simple smocks, artfully applied stage makeup, and possibly hats or hoods of some sort. DS2 will be Pikachu and DS1 wants to be Gengar. Pikachu I’ve got down, with the aformentioned felt. I’m having a harder time with Gengar as he’s got spikes all the way down his back and I’m not sure how to do that without making him just look like a purple dragon? I was thinking about just doing the appropriate face paint, spiking his hair and spraying it purple.

Apron is part of a desire to use up the beautiful stash fabric I’ve had lying around for nearly a decade with grand plans of quilts and clothing etc, and was afraid to cut for fear of wasting it or messing up the pretty fabric. Well the fabric is taking up too much space and no one will see it sitting around in bins, so it’s time to cut and sew. Apron #1 actually isnt even going to be out of the fabric that originally got me on this bug, but will have a quilt square bib and is made out of civil war era repro fabric and green trim. At some point I had planned a full quilt with said fabric (which except for the piece I’ll be using for the skirt was already even in squares), but who knows when/if that will happen. There is actually enough left of the squares I could probably make a crib quilt but the colors are so dark I’m not sure if that would be dreary for a nursery theme?

Pics will be coming upon completion 🙂



  1. For the spikes on the costume, I suggest you make the spikes and stuff them (if you want) separately. Then cut the fabric on the back of the costume up the middle. Sew the spikes to the right side of one side of the center back. Finally sew the other side on the center back on top of it. Make sense?


    With friendship,

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