Posted by: brambledoula | September 27, 2007

Ideas for Halloween

I like to dress up. In fact last year was probably the only Halloween of my life that I didn’t dress up, because I had to work. This year I should be hugely pregnant and am thinking up ideas. Given my location I think pregnant nun or angel might be tacky. Was thinking about wearing a white sweatsuit, painting my belly yellow and wearing a pair of horns. (Deviled Egg ha ha). I could wear a green sweat suit, paint my belly green and be a pea pod. I’ve seen some cool ones where people will paint fish bowls on their belly. Or make it look like a crystal ball and be a gypsy. Just anything except a pumpkin please?

I did find a few yards of yellow felt while digging through my fabric stash today. DS1 may get to be Pikachu afterall?



  1. get dh into the mix…instead of a deviled egg y’all can be green eggs and ham….

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