Posted by: brambledoula | September 25, 2007

Science or Self Defense?

I believe in toxic chemicals. There, I said it, it is out there. At least I do when it comes to biting insects.  We belong to a lovely little group called Roots and Shoots that does nice environmental activist activities for the kids. Love it. Most of the time. Apparently it’s like national water testing month or something like that, so we went to a park to test the water. Sounds like a fun thing to do and educational…in theory…

Then we met this:

And all of her cousins. In swarms. Ouch.

I admire all of my friends who carry citronella bug repellent. I know they’re trying to be healthy and to live natural lifestlyes. I try as well. But you can bet your bippy as long as I live if I’m buying bug spray it will be loaded with deet and say “Deep Woods Formula” somewhere on the likely aerosol canister.

Citronella isn’t healthy if you get malaria.


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