Posted by: brambledoula | September 24, 2007

Why are people afraid to buy pregnancy tests?

I get several hits a day on home methods of detecting pregnancy. Really, if you really really want to know, just get a test. You can get them relatively cheap and still accurate. It’s not embarrassing, really the cashier doesn’t care (all though they may wonder if you buy one along with an odd combination of other items, like whiskey and rolling papers or something…).  If you don’t want them to comment don’t bring your gaggle of other children with you in order to avoid the “gee don’t you know how that happens yet” line. If you don’t want to leave the house, get a supply online. You can have a whole stack of them available for every last paranoid late period.

If you’re hoping you’re not pregnant, not confirming won’t make it go away if you are, so you may as well know.

If you’re hoping to be pregnant, confirming won’t make you pregnant if you’re not. (However I swear there’s nothing like blowing $15 on a pregnancy test to bring on a late flow…)

Or as I’ve said before, trust your instinct. Odds are if you feel pregnant, gain some weight and don’t get another period and then after 8-10 months a baby pops out, then congratulations, you might have been pregnant 🙂 Back in the day, to declare pregnancy,  if you felt pregnant and missed three periods, it meant you were pregnant. Otherwise they had to kill a rabbit. Really.

Hopefully one will consider less barbaric ways of determining pregnancy if they’re hoping to raise a child, given the wide availability of more “vegan” testing methods…



  1. oh my goodness – if they’re embarrassed to buy the pregnancy test it must be because they were embarrassed to buy birth control. and just wait until the embarrassing things you have to buy while pregnant. ahem. prep H, anyone?

    you can buy preg tests at the dollar store now. they’re not fancy, but the price is right!!

  2. Quite possible 🙂 Wait till they wipe a snotty nose with their bare hand because nothing else is available. That’s fun too ::snicker::
    Seriously tho for some reason a lot of searches come through for mystical magical ways to determine pregnancy and really your choice is take a test, see a doctor (who will administer the same test), or wait and see!!

  3. whatever. just go pee on the sick and stop wasting time on the internet, people!!

  4. My trick to bring on a late period is to buy a pregnancy test. The trick to make a pregnancy test turn positive is to buy a HUGE box of feminine products. LOL

  5. Well hey I’m one of those people! haha the reason is because I get so impatient, you can’t use a pregnancy test until almost before your period is due anyway so why not try a fun at home method? Of course I haven’t found any that I have tried yet but maybe someday I’ll come across a good one. Doubtful. Just thought that I would let you all know why we don’t just buy a pregnancy test. Usually it’s us ladies in the two week wait, ’cause it’s just too soon for a hpt and we’re surfing the web aimlessly. As far as going to your doctor goes, that might be your thing but personaly I’m not wasting my doctor’s time. Big meanies. ;D

  6. Heh, the doctor isn’t my thing at all, I don’t even see one to deliver the baby let alone determine if one is in there, but just listing it as an option for those who wish to know. Tho I think it’s more a waste of your time than the doctors- you can buy the same tests they use online! I hear you about the two week wait tho, I usually know right off the bat but it’s nice to be able to confirm it for something to show the husband other than “I just know!”

  7. Well I was looking to find out if my pet is pregnant. They don’t got a test for her species.

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