Posted by: brambledoula | September 22, 2007

Scary Scary Night

I spent my whole night up with contractions and various gastrointestinal pyrotechnics. Fun fun fun. I was finally able to stop with with some Benadryl and a warm bath thankfully. I was about ready to pack a bag and head for a hospital if things kept up. And I may have mentioned how I feel about hospitals, so that may indicate a degree of emergency and desperation.

I had one bout of contractions a month or so ago that was thankfully resolved with copious amounts of water. These last night were a lot stronger and a lot more stressful.

I may have mentioned before that I’m bad at setting limits for myself. I was retarded and went grocery shopping today after all of that.

Putting myself on bedrest for the rest of the weekend, if not longer. Last thing I need is  a 27 week preemie. Nope, not gonna do it if it means duct taping my knees together. Fortunately baby boy has been moving nicely for me today, which is wonderfully reassuring.

Now if I can just get a full nights sleep I might be ok. Kids finally slept last night, just figures that I couldn’t!!  More sleep, less stress, I think that should be the prescription!



  1. Sending you warm hugs and restful sleep, brambledoula. Take care.

  2. drink water and get off your feet, mama! i had loads of pre-term labor with baby #2 and that usually stopped things.
    its sooo hard to rest with other kiddos in the house. i was chasing after a one-year-old and having contractions and my mom finally told me, “letting her watch tv is not going to kill her. just do what you need to and get off your feet!” worked for me!

  3. Yes I’ve been drinking loads of water, it seems to be making a difference (except that when my bladder is full then i get braxton-hicks…). The getting off my feet is proving a bit harder 🙂

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