Posted by: brambledoula | September 21, 2007

I am so tired and other miscellania…

So sick boy number one is all better, now it’s time for sick boy number two. I got Tuesday off which was nice since I’ve shelled out $40 for violin lessons, but Wednesday rolled in with sniffles snuffles and fever.

Of course it gets worse at night. I am wiped the heck out.

The bonus out of this is I’ve had plenty of time to knit, and canceled all events on my calendar for the week. I tend to over book myself this time of year. It’s a new homeschool season and people are hosting events and field trips and classes and clubs left and right. I love to get involved but I have a tendency not to know where my limits are.

In pregnancy news, I can no longer slouch as there are feet wedged deeply into my right hand side ribs, and my appetite is suddenly here with a vengeance. I must eat, I must eat often, give me food NOW!!!!! Unfortunately I still can’t eat poultry which really sucks since my freezer is full of it. I roasted a chicken tonight, it smelled great, came out nice and moist with crispy skin. Now the skin I can eat for some reason. Took one bite of the meat…disaster on my tummy. No idea what I want to make for Thanksgiving if this keeps up through the rest of the pregnancy. I had high ambition to  make a turducken but i’m thinking now that’s not such a great plan. Especially since it will likely just be the 4 of us anyhow, and ds1 can’t eat any of the dressings so I would either have to alter them to his needs, or make him something separate. Not worth it. The dressings sound delightful however and I could probably eat those all right now by myself.

mmm food…must go eat….


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