Posted by: brambledoula | September 18, 2007

Onion craving?

WTF I don’t even like onions. And yet I got some onions in the box of organic goodies I bought the other day and was all excited about it. Eek.

Heres the break down:

Vidalia Onions
Nutritional Value of Onions


Serving Size. . .raw, 1 medium onion (148 grams)

Calories:   60
Proteins:  1 gram
Carbohydrate:  16 grams
Total Fat:  0
Saturate Fat:  0
Sodium:  5 milligrams
Potassium:  200 milligrams
Dietary Fiber:  3 grams


Vitamin C:  15 %
Calcium:  4 %
 Iron:  2 %


  • Good Source of Vitamin C

  • Low in calories

  • Fat Free

  • Cholesterol free

  • Sodium free

More vit c, and potassium maybe?



  1. I’m craving onions too, I’m 19 weeks pregnant. Did you find out anything else on why you’re craving it? I know it’s high in vitamin C and can actually increase your metabolism, but it seems like such a weird craving to have in such a large amount…

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