Posted by: brambledoula | September 18, 2007

An absence of faith

We live in the deep south. There are probably 15 Baptist churches within walking distance from my home. As eclectic pagans I usually have a family altar up. We pretty loosely practice and are kind of the pagan version of “Chreasters” (we show up for beltane and yule essentially), but still having the presence of that little altar in my home has always been soothing to me. I never really thought about it until recently I packed it all up because we’re trying to sell our home. I figure if you live in the south and you’re out home shopping and you walk into a place with a pagan altar, well that may shade your opinion one way or another on whether you want to buy the place, depending on your preconceived notions. Suddenly I’m finding myself wishing I had like minded community in faith, or something more regular to do with it and I really think it’s the absence of my little altar. I think I need to set something up that can easily be put in a box. Maybe I can even make little knitted items that the kids can also use? Just some thoughts. Still, while pregnant, it’s a time when families often consider their faith and traditions and I’m feeling more and more that draw to just commune with nature and be one with the great energy that is the earth and I am so seriously lacking a good way to do it.

I do spend a fair amount of time on my own essentially doing nothing, or knitting, or online, or watching tv that I could even commit to meditation time that I think I need to start turning over some of that time to the spiritual, and perhaps even journaling ways to bring our family back into the fold.

We really have few if any traditions as a family. We will quite possibly even miss Yule this year, the one real public celebration we attend locally, depending on when this baby decides to arrive. (Heck I may even go any. No one mind me, thats just my water breaking…) It would be nice to have something to regularly look forward to in all seasons.

Off to go think about how to create a crocheted goddess figure…



  1. You can have an altar that doesn’t have anything specifically or obviously “Pagan” on it. Something to just celebrate the changing seasons would be very unnoticeable by non-pagans but still be loaded with meaning for you and your family. A nice compromise that doesn’t leave you wanting but also doesn’t advertise your beliefs. Reworking your altar can give it a very fresh and vibrant feel as well. Just a thought!

  2. Thanks for the idea, that is very true. I especially love fall and this time of year. I bought a few stained glass votive holders yesterday with apple cider scented candles and even that lifted my spirits a bit.

  3. came across this while googling a specific essential oil–reminded me of this post so thought I’d paste the link for you in case you were interested in reading it. *grin*

  4. Hello fellow pagan. 🙂 Yay!!

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