Posted by: brambledoula | September 16, 2007

What a day!

I finally managed to host something successful for our homeschool group 🙂 I got DH to take us on a tour of the airport he’s been instructing at part time, and his super nice boss there was kind enough to let our guests take free flights. Worked out well for everyone, dh got to fly and all the kids got to go up in a small airplane which they just loved! I’m so happy it all worked out well. Poor ds2 is fighting an icky chest cold and had a more blicky time but he is in bed now with a healthy dose of benadryl and a humidifier and hopefully will be well by morning. Even with him being poopy tho it was still nice to do something together as a family!



  1. came across your post as i was discovering what tag feeds were (so i’m not extremely tech-oriented). wanted to comment on the cold though. posted on a local-for-me mommies forum was a forward regarding using a generous layer of vicks vaporub on the soles of the feet and covering with socks–the author claimed that it provided a good night’s rest for a friend that had been suffering from a racking deep cough as well as another family member with a sleep-disrupting congested cough. it made sense to me with the knowledge that any additives to footbaths (aromatherapy, etc) are circulated through your system within about 2min. i’m trying it tonight (in conjuction with a colds mix massage oil i crafted and applied to wee-one’s torso) on my super-susceptible youngun that picked up green-gunk from another tot last night. wanted to share in case it was useful info for you.

    kudos on the HS event. it’s always nice when they turn out great. *grin*

  2. Can’t hurt I’ll give it a try, thanks for the tip! So far thanks to tylenol and a humidifier he seems to be sleeping well but I hate to give the tylenol if not 100% necessary. DH isn’t quite as far into the bowl of granola as I am tho and freaks about a fever so I try to meet him in the middle when I can. I can’t seem him complaining about vaporub tho. I love that stuff.

  3. our update on the vicks theory: did it on wee-one three nights including tonight. the first night was in conjunction with an aromatherapy recipe applied to his torso–he slept through the night and woke much improved. the second night i had failed to apply the aromatherapy ALL day and at bedtime–i noticed a difference in the quality of sleep and he wasn’t worse off in the morning, but he wasn’t as well off in the morning as he had the previous. tonight i found where i had brilliantly misplaced the aromatherapy and got it on him, as well as the mentholatum (we don’t have vicks, they’re essentially the same). i did notice this afternoon that his nose wasn’t completely green, there’s clear starting to come through, but he’s started in on a cough today. also, i know in my gut that saturday he would have been into croup had i left it alone. it’s how he functions.

    with eldest, i did the mentholatum saturday, didn’t get to it sunday, and did both mentholatum and aromatherapy tonight. he too was considerably improved sunday morning, but had actually digressed a smidgen monday morning.

    the only other tip i can make is lots of fluids, no dairy, no oj, no caffine. dairy and oj increase phlegm. caffine inhibits water being assimilated through the digestive tract and ends up dehydrating you. it does have minimal value with asthma attacks in quickly helping to break up thick mucus, but if not followed by significant amounts of water it ends up making things worse. at least this is according to an asthma workshop in the late-80s….*wry grin*

  4. Thanks for all the tips. sounds like the aromatherapy did the trick for you. I had an aromatherapy mix i added to his vaporizer and that seemed to help significantly.
    I try to avoid oj unless he’s getting dehydrated and its the only thing he’ll drink just because i feel sugar severely impedes the immune system.
    I did break down and take him to the doctor today only because he woke up shrieking in pain, only to have him take this miraculous turn for the better about 5 minutes after arriving at the dr’s office. figures. Dr told me what I already knew- fluids, humidifier, tylenol or motrin for pain/fever, if he gets worse he’ll write me a script for antibiotics, but i dont think it will come to that.
    his cough seems to be back a bit (like any croup it gets worse at night) but he other wise seems to be heading back to health.
    my husband is a caffeine junkie and I’ve been telling him for years that it’s dehydrating him and probably why he gets such migraines. ::sigh:: the 3 year old listens to me better than he does when it comes to stuff like that.
    thanks again for the tips, hope your little one is feeling better soon.

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