Posted by: brambledoula | September 16, 2007

Testing my skills (Or, musings of an over ambitious already too busy pregnant mama…)

I would love to have a real playroom for my kids. If we get the house we’re looking at however there just won’t be space for one. BUT, said house comes with a garden, and workshop and 2.34 acres of partially wooded land and I would love for the world to be their play room. Of course first someone needs to buy my damn house that I’m already in.

So I’m thinking, I wonder if I can make one of THESE myself? It doesn’t look that hard. I’m thinking cheap pvc piping (of which I already have a bunch of in the shed that I was collecting for a new iguana cage but I don’t think will be the right size for that…), and sale fabric from walmart. Maybe even use shower curtains for the roofing material to make it indoor/outdoor. I just don’t see why the one in the picture should cost $300, unless it’s got like indoor plumbing or a view of the ocean or some shit like that. The listing even says “100% cotton over pvc frame”. Hell I could probably make it out of organic cotton and still come out under $100 so wtf? I hate designer mark up.

When I was little I asked for my own space in the house. I was maybe three or four years old. I distinctly remember having this vision in my head of my mom running a line of duct tape down the center of the trailer and saying ok that’s your half of the house, and thats our half. I wasn’t so lucky, but I did get a corner taped off with masking tape large enough to fit this little chair and table set I had and a small box of toys and that worked well enough for me despite the initial disappointment at not getting half the entire home all to myself.

Which makes me think a similar sized (small corner) playhouse might be just the ticket?

Maybe in time for a yule gift? I’d have to do it before baby gets here or I’ll be too busy/tired/unmotivated to think about it.

I wonder if I’d even really have to sew much unless I want to be able to take it down and store it. I’m thinking hot glue sticks to pvc right? Staple gun? Ok maybe a LITTLE sewing. Being over ambitious in theory I could even put in pockets for books or small toys into the walls, or line one wall with felt for a huge felt board canvas?

If I made it 5ft by 5ft square, it would likely have room for a small book shelf, three cushions, and the train table. You’d live in there too if you were a small boy wouldnt you?  And at that size it’d fit nicely in the corner of the family room in the new house, if we get the new house. (someone buy my old house, please?)




  1. so now that i’ve found you i keep finding reasons to pipe in my peanut gallery comments. *lol* have a friend that actually did an oversized cardboard gingerbread house with actual hinges (well, her co-worker did it). it was pretty cool and lasted her girls for awhile. i can ask her about it if it’s of interest to you.

    otherwise I agree that you could, theoretically, do the pvc one yourself. i say theoretically simply because being a mom, and a pregnant mom at that, life happens regardless of your plans. *lol* I think hot glue would have an issue of popping/peeling off too easily from the smooth plastic, especially if one of hte draped walls was accidentally sat upon and yanked down. i can’t imagine, outside of wrestling the material through the machine, that just doing straight stitches to join the fabric so you could pull it over the frame like a pillowcase would be terribly difficult.

    it might prove to be a nice refuge once the baby arrives. i tried to plant a sunflower house for eldest while prego….squirrels kept snapping them at the crown when they’d get about 12″ tall. *grrr* we put up a pasture fence off the back door instead so there’s now a 100sf kiddie-pasture. *lol*

  2. It’s all good, I’m still shocked that people actually want to read what I have to say (and sometimes even ::gasp:: agree).

    I had a box house for a while, we used it like a story box like on Pinky Dinky Doo but it got worn out fast. (they do love boxes tho. I try to save them whenever I know someone getting a refrigerator or a new dishwasher…)

    Also tried the sunflowers and sadly raccoons got them. (stinkin rodents) I wish I knew some way to keep them down without ugly fencing (cuz shoot I can keep the kids down with ugly fencing…) cuz I Love sunflowers.

    I do think it’d be cool for them to have their own baby free space (at least till he gets old enough to crawl in there…)

    might sit down an make hubby do the math and figure yardage so i can price cheap fabric to see if it’d be worth it. Like you said it’s just straight seams (where’s my staple gun…) could just be a weekend project.

    If pink tulle happens to be on sale for $0.50 a yard then they’re getting pink tulle.

  3. heck…check the thrift stores for drapes even! *wink* You never know…

    have another friend I need to pass your blog onto. i think she’d enjoy your posts as well. I need to find a spare moment (*roflmao*) so I can actually peruse some of your previous posts. certifying as an infant massage educator and some of your tags are calling my name. *lol*

  4. Or even colorful children’s sheets? I used to have sheets with lion king characters when I was little that would likely make good playhouse walls LOL
    I know someone who got Ralph Lauren sheets for cheaper than they could buy the fabric and made fancy men’s shirts from them.

    Who are you certifying through? I’ve thought about taking infant massage but it seems so instinctual that I worry taking a class would sap some of that out of it for me. If you learn any good tips I’d love to hear them tho 🙂

    I feel like I’m always trying to certify in something LOL

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