Posted by: brambledoula | September 14, 2007


I always feel bad when I see mothers lament over never getting out of the house and feeling lonely. It happens to the best of us. However I think to a large degree we do it to ourselves. I admit sometimes I’m just tired and the thought of dragging to active kids somewhere makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.  I have also found that depending on the event, dragging out said kids usually makes them far more manageable for the rest of the day. There are always so many excuses: it’s nap time, no car, no money, etc. There are so many things around here at least that are free and easy to do. We have several huge playgroups in the area covering all types of parenting and range from free to pricey. In all of them though, I have found moms are willing to carpool when needed, would love for you to host an event, and most events are cheap/free to attend. There are parks where you can meet other moms. If it’s your thing there are many religious communities. While primarily Baptist in this area, we do even have UU, Pagan, Jewish, and other faiths you might not immediately think of when you hear “bible belt”.  (Really Charleston is such a multicultural melting pot we’re more like a hole in the belt anyhow…)

As an ex-navy wife (still the wife just no longer navy, woohoo!) I’ve had to learn how to adapt and network quickly. You often don’t have time to slowly meld into a community because you’ll be moving in three years or less. You find a way. There are yahoogroups, google groups, churches, colleges, coffee shops, book stores, craigslist, mothering magazines “find your tribe”, libraries, etc that are always offering classes, gatherings, shows, children’s events, and more that you can get a start at. If you’re into a natural life style hit up your local health food stores, they usually have no only events posted but business cards and flyers for local groups and clubs. Try national organizations. There are various scouting groups, mothers and more, pact, mops, la leche league and so forth. Have a special need? most urban areas have that too.

Even if you live on a farm in BFE middle of no where you’ve usually even got fairs, 4H, farmers markets and the like to get involved with.

So, no more whining about being stuck. Unless you’ve truly overbooked yourself and need a break, find a way, get up get out. You can do it, really.


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