Posted by: brambledoula | September 10, 2007

3rd most common request

I get search after search listed from people looking for belly photos from various months. Whenever I’m wondering if my belly is up to par (and really, all bellies are up to par aren’t they?) I hop over here and click on what month I want to see. It’s a really nice comprehensive gallery with lots of pics of lots of different wonderful momma bellies!

If you want to see more real bellies also check out

This amazing site includes before during and after pregnancy photos of real mothers’ bodies. I think what they’re doing is so important so women understand that our bodies and our sag and our stretch marks are normal and healthy and beautiful and part of our road map to mother hood and we’re not all supposed to look like plastic Barbie dolls.

(I’ve only taken belly shots once so far this pregnancy, and I suck at getting pics to load on this site so alas you’ll all have to live without shots of my ever expanding abdomen. Sorry!)



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