Posted by: brambledoula | September 9, 2007

Oooh My Precioussss…

I wish this photo did this yarn justice. It’s got reds and blues and purples running all through it and is just beautiful. Why am I so excited about a wad of brown yarn? Because I made it myself. I spun the singles and then plied the yarn all by my big girl self and I’m excited as all hell because it looks JUST like the home spun yarns you buy at the store, except it really is home spun all by me. I cannot wait until our house sells so I can get some fiber animals. Then it will REALLY be made from scratch yarn if I raise the animals, harvest the wool, clean, card, spin and ply. Oh I’m excited. And I have big plans for this yarn. In fact I bought more of the same color wool just to make a project from it. (Which means I get to spin more too, woohoo!!!) I’m going to make a pair of these  all for myself. I want them for driving cuz while it doesn’t really get cold enough down here to wear a full pair of thick bulky gloves, my steering wheel just sucks up the chill and I would like something to hang on to the wheel while keeping my fingers free.

Did I mention I’m excited?

::drool:: mmm new projects….

My bad picture of my beautious yarn:



  1. Hey, beautiful yarn! From one handspinner to another. And on a completely different topic, I’m so glad you liked our web-site on vaccines. Feel free to come over and ask questions. We are a sort of collectively run blog, and taken as a group we have hundreds of years worth of knowledge on the topic.

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