Posted by: brambledoula | September 5, 2007

Holy Heartburn Bat Man

Wait…WTF the jalepenos wrapped in freaking BACON don’t give me heartburn, but I have a glass of milk and WHAM heartburn city? There is something very wrong about that.



  1. I deal with severe heartburn every pregnancy. I am out sleeping on the recliner from 5 months onward so I’m not choking on acid in my sleep. But this happened to me too. Not the milk, but I could totally eat spicy things and be just fine. Bananas however, KILLED me. And I HAD to eat them because I got nasty leg cramps. You can believe I popped loads of Tums afterward.

  2. It’s insane isn’t it? The nice, mild healthy stuff does us in? I mean don’t get me wrong, I have severe endometriosis and I would take all the reflux and bleeding hemmoroids and long labors over a single one of my menstrual cramps, but still, it’d be nice if the problems at least made SENSE. Spicy greasy food should mean heartburn, not milk and bananas for crying out loud…

  3. Ha! You know this is payment for suggesting I should cut out my one cup of coffee for relief.

  4. Pbth :-p

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