Posted by: brambledoula | September 4, 2007

How many more women need to be butchered?

I keep hearing more and more and more of the same: induction, didn’t work or overly stressed baby or momma, c section. Reasons for the induction? post dates or “big baby”. Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. You are 40% more likely to get cut if you are induced over naturally going into labor. That’s nearly half. Flip a coin, there’s your odds. WTF. It needs to end.



  1. Amen!! I am a doula too and I fully agree that women are being set up way too much! Well, actually, they shouldn’t be at all :0)

  2. I went 10 days overdue with my little boy, Was induced at 8am Friday morning and had him by emergancy section 40 hours laterafter only dilating 4cms and not progressing for 16 hours! I was contracting for 40 hours and kept telling them that the place I could actually feel my contractions was completly different to where they were saying they should be. They didnt listen, Also throughout my first pregnancy I kept saying to my midwife that my baby felt big and that the kicks I was feeling were in the wrong place. I’m hypermobile so am very aware of where each ache and pain is so knew that he was kicking my front not my back.
    Yet again, she didnt listen I was told the day before being induced that he would be relativly small and that I should have no problems delivering becuase of my hypermobility as my plevis should already be very relaxed.
    I delivered a 9lb0.5 oz 59cm tall little boy who was back to back and couldnt move down into my pelvis properly by emergancy c section.
    Apparently although my ligaments are very lax naturally, My pelvis wasnt positioned in a way that the baby would be able to deliver without intervention.
    I really do think its time for hospitals to listen to mothers instincts more and not dismiss any fears or aprehnesions as first time nerves!

  3. it happens over and over. failed induction, malpositioned baby. I wonder when they’ll realize that if it’s time for the baby to come out, then the baby will come out!! At the very least don’t induce if the baby isn’t in a favorable position. 9lb is on the bigger side of normal, but still if it wasn’t time, they won’t come out no matter what size they are. so frustrating 😦

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