Posted by: brambledoula | September 3, 2007

Important answer to an important question

Can a woman breastfeed for over a year? YES, yes and YES!!! In fact the WHO (world health organization) recommends at least two years. The world wide average age of weaning is age 4. Even our own AAP recommends at least a year and then onward as long as mom and baby are comfortable. I nursed my own boys for 18 months, and nearly 3 years. Nurse up!



  1. One of the nice facts I like to tell people about extended nursing is that the immunologic factors in breastmilk actually increase AFTER the first year to account for a baby’s increasing socialization. Pretty darn cool.

  2. Yep in fact breastmilk continues to change throughout baby’s life to meet their growing needs. If you have a preemie there will be extra factors to meet a preemies needs, if it’s summer milk will be thinner to be more hydrating, if it’s winter it will be thicker to be more fattening, etc. Amazing stuff!

  3. My daughter is 10 months old, and I spoke to the milk bank we donate to just to see if I have to stop donating at any stage. The lady there said that while I might find that as time goes by I can’t pump as much, that they still really want it because it gets very rich after the first year.

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