Posted by: brambledoula | August 31, 2007

This inspired me to pull out my belly dance video

Although I’m not so sure about the sword on her head this was pretty cool. Wonder what the baby thinks?

Pregnant DancerThe best video clips are right here



  1. How funny, my mom (who is a belly dancer and is performing tonight actually) was showing me a news article about a pregnant dancer just yesterday. And she danced with one last year. I dunno about you, I used to be a dancer but I just don’t feel like my body can move like that anymore, especially not now!

    PS whats wrong with the sword on her head?

  2. The sword just looked funny. Also just something about a symbol of violence around a pregnant woman was weird to me. But on the other hand there are midwives still who will put a knife under the birth bed to “cut the labor pains”.
    I used to be a dancer as well, modern and jazz primarily, and I also know for a fact my body doesn’t move like that right now. I think however that the belly dancing lends it self to all body types including pregnant and plus sized. It’s just a completely different form of movement than say, ballet, which would require a lot of balance and to be light weight for lifts.

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