Posted by: brambledoula | August 31, 2007

Nutritional value of jalapenos and apples…

So I’ve had a craving of late for cheddar peppers and apple juice. It has to be cheddar peppers, not so much the separate constituents, and the apple juice has to be the good thick brown organic kind with the little apple bits floating at the bottom that almost more resembles good cider than juice. I always like to figure out why I’m craving a certain thing by breaking it down. The cheese in the peppers makes sense, it’s got protein, fats, calcium, all good stuff for growing a baby. The peppers as far as I can tell aren’t much of a source of anything outside of maybe vitamin c, and seem to be an effective anti-inflammatory.

Apple juice I can’t figure out much except a source of carbs, and maybe a little manganese. It sure does taste good tho and I’m tired of water.

Now real cheese, when I make my own peppers, is probably a whole lot better than whatever they stuff a Sonic’s cheddar pepper with. And I don’t know why I keep eating them when the lava hot cheese inside continues to shred the roof of my mouth. (I can’t wait for them to congeal either. Must. Eat. NOW.)

Either way, interesting stuff…

Now off to eat the rest of the chile relleno I got for dinner (mmm real food)…



  1. Last night my DH said I wasn’t allowed to watch tv because I started craving every food we saw (that should be easy, we were at his brothers’ house and we don’t have a tv!)

    But now I’m craving chille relleno. *drool*

  2. Hahaha that happened when I was pregnant with DS1 as well, I saw an Iron Chef episode where the main dish was duck and I went ravenous trying to find a duck dish lol
    chile relleno is good shit lemme tell ya.

  3. Very interesting site. Apple juice is good for you.
    Squalene Lady

    Shark Liver Oil

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