Posted by: brambledoula | August 28, 2007

Why I’m up so late…

I often get asked this question. The easy answer is I’m a long term insomniac, which is true.  However as of late I have a better reason. From early on, this baby has decided to kick up his boots promptly at 1:30am every single night.  Now that he’s moving pretty much all day as well one would think I would go ahead and sleep but I don’t. Others would also probably want to discourage baby from this pattern because what they do in, they often do out. But  here’s a little secret: as much as sleep deprivation sucks, part of me loves and truly enjoys those little night time meetings with baby. And really, that time in their life is so fleeting.  These 1:30am kicks are a time when this baby is still truly mine. No one else is awake, no one feeling or looking at my belly to look for bumps.  Same with when they’re out, if not even more so.  For those sweet moments late at night (when, as a long term insomniac I’m up anyhow…) that baby is all mine again, singing lullabies, watching independent films with the closed captioning on, playing patty cakes and gurgling nursies, it’s our time, one on one, that will slip through my fingers all too fast and soon. I’ve often read to hold your child’s hand, read to them, put away work and play with them when you have the chance. I admit I’m sometimes guilty of not always following through on that. But for those late night moments, I soak up every second. You’re up anyway. Instead of lamenting over baby not sleeping through the night, cherish every second that they still need you, want to be by you, and for a short moment more, are all yours.



  1. Amen.

    I remember some older lady telling me in a grocery store when I was about 8 months pregnant…your baby will never be so easy to carry as when you were pregnant!


    Good night-


  2. At least that’s good advice! When I was pregnant with DS1 hubby was on deployment and as I’ve noted I’m an insomniac so I would wander around Walmart at 2am when bored. You should see the advice you get from people who are out at that hour hahaha

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