Posted by: brambledoula | August 26, 2007

Where will the world be in 2 years?

My husband is considering the reserves so he can keep his retirement. Sounds like a good plan at first. You’ve heard all the commercials, 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year, free money for college, they even pay a little extra to help supplement our income. So we’re asking the recruiter the details and all of a sudden ::coughcoughsneezecoughsevenmonthdeploymentcoughcoughcough:: uh…wait…I didn’t quite catch that? Did you say seven month deployment? That wasn’t on the commercial. I guess there is a two year clause exempting you from involuntary deployment, and after that it depends on whether they need you or not.

So we ask, where will the world be in 2 years? We’d have to do a total of 5 to keep retirement, and it would be a shame to lose that pay, especially since as a primarily stay at home mom I don’t qualify for social security despite them taking a chunk of every paycheck I’ve ever made.  So, retirement would be nice.

I do think it would be irresponsible of any upcoming presidential candidate not to have an exit strategy on their platform.

It doesn’t mean however that their strategy will work.

I’ve done two 6 month deployments, several 45-60 day underways and countless 3-14 day outings. My husband missed the first three years of our marriage and our older son’s life. I’ve moved at least once during every pregnancy, and this is the first home that either of my children have had a birthday in more than once. I think we’ve paid our dues. I know other wives have done far more and bless them because they truly have the hardest job in the Navy. I find it depressing and despicable that much of our nation’s military qualifies for food stamps, WIC, and welfare, and that there are no longer options for early retirement. Top that with if you’re a nuke and don’t want to work for a nuclear power plant there just aren’t a lot of options for you.

So what does one do? Put faith in the power of the people to stop war in the next two years? I’m not so sure. These deployments for the reserves aren’t the pretty fun trips to Italy and Greece and St. Maartin in the Virgin Islands. We’re talking Iraq where they blow your shit up. Not cool.



  1. been there discussed that. Hubby is currently deployed (Navy). We were prior enlisted Nuke (Orlando class 9706) then went to OCS and are now happily (did I say that?) in the supply community. We were in Germany when the war began. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the active duty that was being sent in droves….nope it was the reserves. We were coming up to our magic 8 year mark then and were finally able to make a choice, stay in or get out. We obviously chose to stay. I couldn’t even imagine walking along one day enjoying civi. life and then BAM hubby gets recalled or…. if he goes reserves finds out his unit is headed over. We are approaching year 12 now and with him away I think daily about him filing papers upon his return. However I have to think about the fact that his odds of going to Iraq are greatly increased if he is in the reserves. It makes me quickly revert to that thought of ….we are almost done, over half way there, you can do it, I think I can, I think I can. Sadly it is reported that 75% of the Naval Supply corp will do an IA in Iraq. *sigh* I feel your pain and frustration and I am not pregnant. Though I may still be feeling residual hormones from pregnancy #4 *grin*

    Hang in there


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