Posted by: brambledoula | August 25, 2007

Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine

I believe it. Just before beginning this pregnancy I had cut out sugars drastically and started noticing huge improvements in my health, including drastic weight loss. (I’ve also noticed the only times I seem to become and maintain pregnant is after cutting out sugar and losing weight, interesting note for anyone with fertility issues…) After becoming pregnant I noticed any sugar gave me massive headaches, and larger amounts would even lead to illness and nightmares. So, I’ve cut way back again. I do occasionally indulge in a nudge of ice cream but thats the end of the sugar for me. I found it harder to quit sugar than smoking, and while I’ve never tried cocaine I’d bet sugar is worse, without a doubt.

But…what alternatives do we have when we want something sweet? It seems artificial alternatives are just as bad, if not worse. (And also cause migraines among a host of other health problems.)

And don’t get me started on how bad corn syrup is. How often have we seen a supposed 100% natural and the second ingredient in is corn syrup? How can something THAT processed be even remotely natural, especially that is that bad for you. Ever spill corn syrup and try to clean it up? Imagine that coating your insides…

I’ve had some luck with honey in my tea at least, and found a diabetic tea that uses sweet herbs (but unfortunately no sweet leaf haha) and isn’t bad either. I’ve heard of some people having luck with stevia, xylitol, and agave syrup as well. Maybe even molasses?
Wouldn’t it be nice just to have more access to unrefined, unbleached, unprocessed sweeteners that actually are real food instead of just resemble it? Or at the very least not have nearly every food known to man contain some form of sugar. Even just nice raw cane sugar, which is sweet and at least a little less refined.

I present a challenge- next time you grocery shop, try to find alternatives of your usual foods without refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, or corn syrup. Start with whole wheat bread and tell me what you come up with.

Coming soon to a blog near you, my fact based opinion on processed foods and why we have so many allergies, diabetes, obesity, and other illnesses… and the evil that is MSG…



  1. You know where I stand. Now hurry up and sell your house and move to my end of town.

    Personally, I do use white sugar in moderation, but I avoid HFCS as much as humanly possible.

  2. Make someone buy my house and I’ll be right there!
    I do sometimes use white sugar on the rare occasion that I bake. I’ve had some luck with date sugar in recipes where the sugar doesn’t need to dissolve.

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