Posted by: brambledoula | August 23, 2007

A note to Expecting Executive (and anyone else concerned about PPD)

Got a chance to look at your site since it seems you’re looking at mine 🙂

I wanted to comment on this article of yours-

And say I totally agree with you! This is why I think doulas, both labor and post partum, are so important. Starting from the second baby is born, focus immediately goes onto the baby, unless, momma has a doula there. New babies are cool but we’re there to focus on mom. Labor doulas usually do at least one post partum visit, and post partum doulas do regular post partum visits, and one thing we look out for is signs of post partum depression. A lot of professionals poo poo it as just being the blues and it’s often so much more serious than that. I feel for those mothers who wind up drowning their babies or sitting on a railroad track with babe in arms thinking if someone had just looked in on them, could things have been different? We definitely need to be taking women more seriously, especially when it comes to their health.

For more information on PPD:

I would also recommend reading the book Birth as an American Rite of Passage. It goes into great depth about th psychology of birth and how the baby is often seen as community property. I have to wonder why is the baby a community concern but not the mothers that are so important to the well being of these babies?

PS- and yes I am feeling a little better, I think it’s just reflux.


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