Posted by: brambledoula | August 10, 2007

My first gift to baby…

I haven’t bought a single thing for this kid yet. Mostly it’s because I already have it, and/or I’m trying to take a more minimalistic approach to parenting. So, in an effort to get this boy something special for himself and at the same time reduce my carbon print on the planet, I have taken to knitting. My first project finished was an adorable pink pair of EC pants (coming soon to an ebay page near you…).

Pink EC Pants

While I’m all for equal opportunity and do somewhat secretly hope one of my boys will turn out in such a fashion that I can take him dress shopping, hubby does draw the line at his boy wearing pink. So, in my first completed baby item I’ve made and adorable little hat from a pattern found at lion brand yarns (that I uh, didn’t use their yarn because I like bright colors…).
Cute Hat
Cute Hat 2

I firmly believe kids should have options outside of pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel yellow, white, and pastel green. Since this is my first winter baby and this pattern only took about 45 minutes to work up (with kids jumping on me), he’s going to get a lot of hats. (And everyone applaud for me, this is my first ever completed crochet project, thanks to Amy M. for showing me how to crochet!)

Coming soon, matching EC pants and possibly booties.

(And yes, that is a breastfeeding demonstration doll, note the nicely splayed lips, and tips here for how to latch on a baby :-))

PS- I’m new to this whole blog thing if anyone could tell me how to resize my photo’s I’d love you forever…


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